Barberton Chapter


What makes DeMolay different from other organizations?

DeMolay is different from other organizations in several ways. First, it’s open to all kinds of young men with all kinds of interests. If a local chapter decides on something, they can devote their chapter’s entire attention to that subject. If they want to focus on soccer, chess, video games, drama, mountain climbing, volunteering, or stamp collecting, that’s great too. Each local chapter has its own personality, and each member has a chance to make the chapter what he wants it to be. Rather than focusing on any one thing, most chapters partake in a variety of activities. DeMolay is infinitely adaptable to the interests of the chapter members!

Another difference is DeMolay’s emphasis on training you to be a leader. It doesn’t happen by accident. When you join DeMolay, you’re on the fast track to learn skills that will help you in school, business, and through the rest of life.

Is DeMolay a religious organization?

One of the qualifications of membership is that you believe in God / a supreme being, so a lot of people ask whether DeMolay is a religious organization. The answer is no. DeMolay teaches that one of the steps toward becoming a happy and successful person is developing strong faith in your beliefs and being true to them. But just as important, DeMolay teaches that you must have respect and toleration for the beliefs of others. DeMolay doesn’t teach a specific religion and doesn’t require that you belong to any church. Membership is open for young men from all religions.

Who runs the show?

Officers for each chapter are elected from among the membership. Those officers are responsible for running the chapter meetings and coordinating the responsibilities of event planning. Every six months, the chapter elects new officers so that different guys will have the chance to lead. The decisions of the chapter are discussed at chapter meetings and voted on by all members. The adult advisors can give input, but they won’t interfere with the chapter’s decision unless it’s absolutely necessary for safety reasons. The overall direction and operation of the chapter is up to the members themselves.

Does it cost anything to join DeMolay?

Each DeMolay chapter has a life membership fee that is surprisingly affordable. This entitles you to take part in the meetings and events. Some of the chapter’s other activities are paid for by the chapter’s fund-raising activities. Other times, members must pay their own way. But don’t forget…you’re going to get a lot more out of each activity than you put in.